Universal Nutrition, Classic Series, Tribulus Pro, 110 Capsules

가격 : ₩15,035


  • Professional Strength Tribulus
  • Strength 
  • Libido Support
  • Hormone Support
  • Dietary Supplement
  • +10 Free
  • Combines Powder & Extract
  • Extract Standardized for 40% Saponins
  • Contains Saponins, Flavonoids & Sterols

Who We are 

Founded in 1977, we are a family-run company that has been formulating and manufacturing proven nutritional products for dedicated athletes. Our products are founded in over 90 countries around the world. CLASSIC SERIES since the 70’s We’ve been dedicated to making some of the finest nutritional products for world-class body builders. Today the new Classic Series still represents our steadfast commitment to those individuals seeking to achieve strength and perfection in the gym. TRIBULUS PRO Tribulus Pro™ is a natural herbal supplement containing biologically active compound including saponins, flavonoids. alkaloids, and sterols. Tribulus Pro™ combines both the powdered whole fruit with a standardized 40% extract for the best of both worlds. The unique formula found in Tribulus Pro™ can best deliver the physiological benefits that the herb has to offer.  

제품 사용법

용량: 식이 보충제로서 매일 1캡슐을 아침과 저녁에 식사와 함께 섭취하십시오.

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Hyland’s, 편안한 다리, 50개의 빠른 용해 정제

가격 : ₩9,534


  • Since 1903
  • Calms Agitated Legs So You Can Rest
  • Homeopathic
  • Natural Relief
  • Actual Size 194 mg
  • Relieves** Itching, Crawling, Tingling Sensation in Legs
  • Urge to Move Legs
  • Leg Jerks
  • Package Contains One Bottle
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • No Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or Naproxen
  • No Known Drug Interactions 

Take Hyland’s Restful Legs™ at the first signs of agitated legs.


Temporarily relives occasional symptoms of:

  • Agitation or compelling urge to jerk or move legs
  • Itching, tingling, or crawling sensations in the legs

**This product is not intended to treat restless leg syndrome.

제품 사용법

Adults and Children 12 years and over: Dissolve 2-3 tablets every 4 hours, for up to 6 doses.

Children ages 6-12 years: Dissolve 1-2 tablets  under tongue every 4 hours, for up to 6 doses.

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