Treets, 에너자이징 시크릿, 바디 크림, 패션 후레쉬네스, 8.45 fl oz(250 ml)

가격 : ₩8,513


  • Mother Nature’s Gift
  • Treets Traditions
  • Rediscover and Cherish
  • Ancestral Cosmetology
  • Tried and Trusted Recipes for Today’s Beauty Needs
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Fragrance: Passion Freshness
  • Origin The Amazon Est.1650

Rich and moisturizing body cream. A combination of traditional Amazonian Sacha Inchi oil – the perfect skin softener – and Buriti oil to help maintain youthful skin.

Abuela’s* wisdom

“Growing up, I learned all they ways that the “Tree of Life” sustain our life in the forest through its fruit, juices, fibres and more. We care for our beauty inside and outside.

*abuela = grandmother in Amazon

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이스라엘 자손이 가나안 땅에서 취한 기업 곧 제사장 엘르아살과 눈의 아들 여호수아와 이스라엘 자손 지파의 족장들이 분배한 것이 이 아래와 같으니라

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