Mariani Dried Fruit, Family, Probiotic Prunes, 7 oz (198 g)

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  • California Prunes
  • Powered by Ganeden® BC30 Probiotic – Digestive & Immune Health
  • Survives 10x More Effectively than Yogurt Cultures!*
  • 1 Serving A Day Supports Immune & Digestive Health**
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Refresh – Rebalance – Reset
  • Dietary Fiber (Supports Digestive Health)
  • Probiotic Cultures (Supports Immune Health)

Per 40 g Serving

  • Vitamin B6 20% DV
  • Vitamin B12 20% DV
  • Vitamin E 20% DV
  • Iron 20% DV

A healthy digestive system is one of the keys overall wellness and feeling great!

Good source of the Vitamins E, B6, B12 & Iron.

California prunes support healthy bones and heart.

*In an independent lab study of a simulated gastric environment with a pH of 2.0 for two hours, GanedenBC30®  cells were delivered 10x more effectively than common yogurt cultures.
**As a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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For best quality, refrigerate after opening.

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