Lorac, POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder, PF4 Medium, 0.32 oz (9 g)

가격 : ₩21,348


POREfection 베이크드 퍼펙팅 파우더를 사용하면 모공 없이 부드러운 피부결로 마무리할 수 있습니다. 향료와 파라벤은 함유하지 않고 살리실산 및 항산화제 성분울 함유한 포뮬러가 건조함 없이 건강하고 투명한 동안 피부를 연출해 줍니다. Lorac의 POREfection으로 결점 없이 매끈하고 매트한 피부 표현을 경험해 보십시오!

*민감성, 지성, 여드름성 피부 등 모든 피부 타입에 적합합니다.

제품 사용법

즐겨 사용하는 Lorac 파운데이션 및 컨실러 위에 파우더 퍼프나 브러시로 덧발라 완벽한 모공 커버 메이크업을 연출하십시오. 

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CeraVe, Skin Renewing Night Cream, 1.7 oz (48 g)

가격 : ₩24,089


  • Developed with Dermatologists 
  • MVE®  Delivery Technology 
  • Helps Soften & Renew The Look of Tired Skin Overnight 
  • Helps Restore the Protective Skin Barrier
  • With Ceramide & Peptide Complex 

CeraVe® Peptide Complex:

Designed to work with your natural circadian rhythm when your skin is most receptive. Biomimetic peptides work together to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and support skin elasticity.


Helps restore lipid levels in skin to help maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid:

An essential ingredient (humectant) that helps attract water to the top layer of skin and ensures that the skin remains hydrated and helps smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


Well known for its soothing properties.

Patented, controlled-release MVE®  Technology:

Works by trapping ingredients within multi-layered vesicles that are slowly released, layer by layer, over time.

CeraVe® Skin Renewing Night Cream, developed with dermatologists, is designed to work with your natural circadian rhythm to help restore your skin barrier overnight when it’s most receptive. Wake up to skin that looks refreshed and renewed.

  • Non-greasy, intensely hydrating, long-lasting formula 
  • CeraVe®  Peptide Complex supports skin renewal 
  • 3 essential ceramides help restore the skin barrier
  • Hyaluronic acid attracts needed moisture to skin to hydrate and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gentle, non-irritating & non-comedogenic 
  • Fragrance-free

This package is free of phthalates & BPA

제품 사용법

Apply in small dots where needed around the face and gently smooth until thoroughly absorbed. Use nightly before bedtime.

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Covergirl, 래쉬 블래스트 퓨전 마스카라, 860 베리 블랙, 0.44fl oz(13.1ml)

가격 : ₩8,798


  • 최대 10배 더 풍성해지는 볼륨과 길이* 

래쉬 블래스트의 슈퍼 볼류마이징 브러시와 덧바를수록 길어지는 섬유질 포뮬러의 완벽한 조화로 믿을 수 없을 만큼 길고 또렷한 속눈썹을 연출할 수 있습니다(*사용 전과 비교).

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