Hot Kid, Mum-Mum Snax, Baked Pea Snacks, For Ages 24 Months+, Apple Cinnamon, 5 Pouches, 1.76 oz (50 g)

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  • For Ages 24 Months+ 
  • Hot-Kid
  • Plant Based
  • Baked, Not Fried 
  • 2 g of Protein Per Serving 
  • 200 Million (CFU) Probiotics Per Pouch 

What Area Plant Based Baked Pea Snacks? 

Simply put, Peas are a type of plant with fruits or seeds in a pod. Common Peas include lentils, beans, nuts, and of course, peas!

Pea Crisps are snacks that mix snacking with delicious tastes and a crunchy texture. They also include Probiotics, friendly microorganisms that support digestion and the immune system.

So feel free to help your child pack a pouch to enjoy any time of day!

Plant Based Baked Pea Snacks

Your little one is growing up and ready to tackle pre-school. And what better way to prepare them than with a tasty snack!

Following Baby Mum-Mum and Toddler Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits, the original rice teething biscuit brand in North America for over 25 years, we now present Mum-Mum Snax Pea Crisps, a snack containing Protein and Probiotics.

Pea Crisps come in portion packs, great for any occasion!

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