Dr. Murray’s, Superfoods 프로틴바, 비건 프로틴 콤보 팩, 바 12개입, 각 58g(2.05oz)

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Clif Bar, 유기농, 너트 버터 에너지 바, 코코넛 아몬드 버터, 12 에너지 바, 각 1.76oz(50g)

가격 : ₩27,472


  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Nutrition for Sustained Energy

Nothing beats a new adventure. New sights. New smells. New experiences. Back in 1986, my friend Jay and I bootstrapped a 16-day bike tour in the Alps and Dolomites, including the iconic Passo di Gavia in Italy. We took our time. Met new people. Ate great food. And rode until our legs burned. Since then, I’ve been back many times and, though the pass has evolved, it’s still special to me. The same but somehow…different. That’s the inspiration for our CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bar – the same CLIF bar kitchen-crafted goodness you know and love plus a creamy nut butter filling.

So, where will your next adventure take you?

Gary – Founder and Owner of Clif Bar & Company

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Kaged Muscle, 마이크로 퓨어 유청 단백질 분리물, 바닐라, 48 oz (1.36 kg)

가격 : ₩49,738


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