Aura Cacia, 순수 에센셜 오일 블렌드, 마인드 가이드, 0.5 fl oz(15 ml)

가격 : ₩10,690


  • Focusing 

Experience the focusing aroma of Mind Guide, featuring rosemary and vetiver essential oils.

Our Promise:

  • Pure Essential Oils
  • No Synthetics
  • Authenticity Verified
  • Not Tested on Animals

Use For: Creating a focusing environment
Aroma: Earthy, green

제품 사용법

Quick Tip:
Diffuse 18 drops to create a stabilizing atmosphere.

Mind Guide Room Spray:

  • 24 drops  Mind  Guide 
  • 2 fl oz Water
  • Combine in a mist bottle. Shake well and spritz  into surrounding airspace. 
Dilution Guide
Drops per 1 oz (2 Tbsp) carrier.
Face 6
Body 12
Home Care 18
Diffusion Follow device instructions.

Examples of carriers

  • Skin care oil.
  • Unscented liquid soap or lotion.
  • Witch hazel extract.

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유용한 정보

네가 여자와 약혼하였으나 다른 사람이 그와 같이 잘 것이요 집을 건축하였으나 거기 거하지 못할 것이요 포도원을 심었으나 네가 그 과실을 쓰지 못할 것이며

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