Andalou Naturals, A Force of Nature, 시어버터 + 시벅손 핸드 크림, 클레멘타인, 3.4 fl 온스 (100 ml)

가격 : ₩7,650


  • Fruit Stem Cell Science
  • Nature 99% Derived
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Verified Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free

Organic sea buckthorn oil, fair trade shea and cocoa butter absorb quickly, leaving hands nourished, protected, and ready to meet the day.

제품 사용법

사용 방법: 손, 손톱, 손톱가 피부층에 적당량을 바르십시오.

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Abra Therapeutics, 천연 바디 스크럽, 깊은 이완, 라벤더 및 레몬밤, 340g(12oz)

가격 : ₩10,347


  • Organic Herbals 
  • No Animal Testing or Ingredients
  • Pure Essential Oils 
  • No Lauryl Sulfates or Preservatives 
  • Skin Softening Minerals 
  • No Artificial Ingredients 

Deep Relaxation Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Deep relaxation begins with the release of all tension. Soothing essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Orange Blossom and Melissa relieve daily stress and common anxiety. Enjoy a Deep Relaxation Aromatherapy Body Scrub whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress and responsibilities. Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

제품 사용법

Use in shower or bath. Scoop a small amount into hand and gently scrub skin in circular motion, avoiding face and delicate areas. Rinse well. Botanical oils can be slippery. Use a shower mat for safety.

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The Good Patch, Soothe, 4 Patches

가격 : ₩13,266


  • Let’s Get You Moving Again
  • Ease Your Pain with The Good Patch

Temporarily soothe your pain. A topical patch made to alleviate mild to moderate discomfort in muscles and joints.

Uses : For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

  • Simple backache
  • Arthritis 
  • Strains 
  • Bruises
  • Sprains

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Pranarom, Essential Oil, Grapefruit, .17 fl oz (5 ml)

가격 : ₩7,561


  • USDA Organic
  • ChemoTEO Essential Oils 
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert ICO 

Scientific Aromatherapy

We harness the active properties of organic plants as essential oils for health and wellness. Each lot is GC/MS (gas chromatography, mass spectrometry) tested and chemotyped for purity.


  •  No GMOs
  • No Synthetics
  • No Additives
  • No Adulterants
  • No Animal Testing 

Botanical Part: Fruit Rind

Extraction: Cold expression

Aromatic Profile:
Bright, sweet, citrus

  • Aromatic Family: Monoterpene
  • Aromatic Constituents: Limonene
  • Direct Inhalation: Yes
  • Diffusion: Yes, 3-15 drops 
  • Topical: Dilute with plant oils. 

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