Seventh Generation, Sensitive Protection Diapers, Size 2, 12 – 18 lbs, 31 Diapers

가격 : ₩16,085


  • Caring Today for the Next Generations
  • 12 Hour Leakage Protection
  • FreshAir™ Breathable Layer
  • 2 Adorable Prints Inside
  • Certified B Corporation®

Free & Clear 0% lotions, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching

Acquisition Layer absorbs liquid in seconds

Absorbent Core: The absorbent core of our diapers is not bleached or processed with chemicals containing chlorine, which prevents harmful toxins from entering waterways.

FSC® Certified Sustainably Harvested Plant-Based Pulp

The absorbent fluff pulp in these diapers is FSC Certified

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