Dragon Herbs, 토닉 알케미(Tonic Alchemy), 최고의 슈퍼푸드 블랜드, 9.5 온스 (270g)

가격 : ₩71,584


  • The Ultimate SuperTonic™ Superfood Blend
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Dietary Supplement
  • 30 Day Supply

91 in 1

  • Tonic Herbs
  • Probiotics
  • Greens
  • Seaweeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

91 in 1 Your Daily Assurance for Radiant Health

Based on ancient health cultivation principles from Asia, Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden has created a delicious superfood blend that offers arguably the best and widest range of nutrition of any superfood product in the world. From the highest mountains to the deep oceans, from deserts to jungles, only the finest available ingredients are included in Tonic Alchemy. With 91 amazing ingredients, Tonic Alchemy is the ultimate natural alchemical life-enhancing nutritional complex and energy source deliverable in a glass. It is the source of thousands of phyto-nutrients. Tonic Alchemy also includes the 20 greatest super tonic herbs from around the world. Tonic herbs are consumed throughout the world on a daily basis to promote Radiant Health.

Tonic Alchemy nourishes the whole body by increasing balanced energy and vitality, supporting detoxification, boosting immune responses, building the blood, increasing activity and quantity of antioxidants, and much more. Tonic Alchemy can be your dietary foundation for Radiant Health – traditionally defined in Asia as “health beyond danger”.

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • 100% vegan
  • 71 organically grown herbs, vegetables, superfoods, superfruits, super-sprout
  • 6 wild crafted sea vegetables
  • 7 probiotic microorganisms
  • 20 major tonic herbs, including premium Reishi, Chaga, Goji, Schizandra, Rhodiola and He Shou Wu
  • 11 probiotically predigested (fermented) tonic herbs and superfoods
  • No chemicals, preservatives, colors, flavors or additives

제품 사용법

8온스의 액체(아몬드 우유, 곡물 우유, 과일 주스 등)에 토닉 알케미(Tonic Alchemy) 1 스쿱을 넣어줍니다. 부드러워질 때까지 잘 섞어주세요. 블렌더를 사용하시면 가장 완벽합니다. 부드러운 질감을 원하신다면 바나나를 넣어주십시오. 신선함을 원하신다면 두서너개의 과일을 첨가하셔도 좋습니다. 혹은 즐겨드시는 단백질 파우더를 넣으셔도 좋습니다.

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